School and nursery photography with an emphasis on
creating fun, relaxed and natural photographs.

About Us





About Us

Shoot Bamboo are a school and nursery photography company based in Dingwall, near Inverness.

We have been providing high quality studio photography to schools and nurseries throughout Scotland since 2011. With an aim of capturing genuine expressions, with as much fun and animation as possible, our hard working, dedicated photographers put in an enormous amount of effort to get the best out of every shoot.

We believe school and nursery photography should be as good as it can be, and provide parents with photographs they want to buy, rather than the ones they feel they ought to buy.

A Fresh Approach

We take pride in the quality of our final product but also in our approach.

We always work super quickly.   For school kids, we typically spend around 1-2 minutes per child, and for nursery kids anywhere, between 1 and 10 minutes. This usually results in an average of around 150 school kids, and approximately 70 nursery kids, per day.

Even though we aim to be as efficient as possible, we do provide around 10-20 proof photographs of each child photographed, which parents love.  And with the ability to have multiple images in one print pack, parents are spoilt for choice.

Professional Service